Next Trend: Furniture on Wedding Registries

Next Trend: Furniture on Wedding Registries

Poor Sleep Can Ruin Relationships

The couple on the wedding cake needs to sit down on something comfortable! September and October are now tied for the most popular month for getting married, according to a 2016 poll by The Knot. Pinterest’s 2017 wedding report finds that autumn weddings are up nearly 300 percent.

I was just perusing the wedding registry of the daughter of my maid of honor (that makes me feel so old!). Rebecca is getting married in December—a rebel—and I was intrigued to see how the items on wedding registries have changed. Brides and grooms today are more practical. Many have already set up households together so they simply don’t need as much of the setting-up-your-first-home stuff.

I noticed there were registry items that were less “things” and more experiences, such as dinners, massages, tickets. Love that, too.

Another trend I’d like to see is the addition of furniture and home accessories on wedding registries, especially with the options afforded by a gift registry site such as Blueprint and others like it, which enable multiple contributions to one gift. These gifts are each identified as a “group gift” opportunity with a special banner. How thoughtful. Furniture becomes your home—and you can take it with you. What a wonderful way to give a new couple a fresh start! And think about how a gift of furniture will be used, remembered and appreciated for years—often becoming the backdrop to photographs chronicling their new life together.


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