Reinvent Your Home With a Furniture Inventory

Reinvent Your Home With a Furniture Inventory

Reinvent your home with a furniture inventory

When is the last time you did a room-by-room furniture inventory in your house? A friend and I once worked together on a little pamphlet about the pleasures—and frustrations—with decorating a home. The opening paragraph stuck with me. To paraphrase, we advised homeowners to take time to see their home through the eyes of others and start with an inventory of what you have.

When I am expecting houseguests, I am never more aware of all the places in my home that need sprucing up. The sofa looks more worn when I imagine a visitor walking in. And that stack of mail by the phone? Unsightly. Just how old is that floor lamp in the family room? And how many years have I put up with the dang switch on that lamp that falls off every time I touch it?! 

So here’s an exercise for you to try. Grab a notepad and pencil. Walk out your front door. Now walk in, pretending you’re a stranger, seeing each room for the first time. Take notes! You might come to the conclusion that the time has come to switch out the sofa or add a fresh new accent chair. You can even get a whole new look with a few throw pillows that provide a splash of color. Is some repainting overdue?

If you care about indoor air quality and what’s inside the products you bring into your home, consider whether your upholstered furniture contains foam that is CertiPUR-US certified. If it was made before 2010, probably not. When shopping, check our directory of participating companies and brands at before you buy.

I’m always amazed at how much pleasure I get from adding a new piece of art, moving furniture around or bringing something from one room to another. I recently got the courage to repaint my dining room in a dramatic dark gray. Wow, a room transformed! 

Are you ready to do a furniture inventory in your home? It’s a good way to start the new year—with a plan to repaint, replace or reposition for renewed pride in your living space.

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