2024: What’s In, What’s Out Around the House

2024: What’s In, What’s Out Around the House

What trends in home design and home furnishings from 2023 will become old, what will stay with us, and what new things are on the horizon for 2024 to capture public demand? Every year, for the past 45 years, at the beginning of the new year, the Washington Post newspaper publishes “The List” in its Style section. It’s a tradition for many of us who live in the metro Washington, D.C. area to check the list on New Year’s Day. The list is a non-scientific compilation of what a group of reporters deem to be “In” or “Out” for the year ahead. The entries are a mixture of real trends, silly assumptions and satire. Here’s the same concept applied to home furnishings and décor – all in good fun! Read each entry from column one and then its companion entry in column two. Happy, healthy New Year to all!

What’s Out → What’s In

Counting sheep → Counting blessings

Working from home on the dining room table → Designing your dream office nook or room

Regular pillows → Therapeutic pillows

Nightcaps → Pre-bedtime yoga

Earthtones → Jewel tones

Worrying about spills on sofas → Performance fabrics

Photo walls → Big art

Adjustable beds → Adjustable beds

Messy beds → Making your bed every morning

Twin-size beds for kids → Full-size beds for kids

Solids → Botanical florals

Wondering if the foam in your mattress or sofa contains chemicals of concern → Buying mattresses and upholstered furniture made with certified foam

Your grandparent’s recliners → Modern reclining chairs

Modern Farmhouse → Eclectic design

Interior design → Biophilic interior design

Smooth fabrics → Textured fabrics

Old mattresses → New mattresses

Play forts made with blankets → Play forts made with modular cushions for kids

Sleeping with your dog → Buying a dog bed

Throwing old mattresses in landfills → Mattress recycling centers

Snoring → Appointments with sleep disorder doctors

Barbie Pink → Pantone color of the year: Peach Fuzz

CertiPUR-US® listings of participating companies and brands → The new CertiPUR-US® interactive directory of participating companies and brands

New Year’s resolutions → New Year’s intentions

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