Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

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Your company must be registered before you can use our logo or access these free and low-cost promotional tools. These tools are only available to manufacturers, retailers and distributors that are registered with the program, listed on our website, and abide by the CertiPUR-US® Program Terms of Use. Anyone found misusing the CertiPUR-US logo, name, or brand will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Logo Art Files

Request logo files
Request CertiPUR-US logo art files
(Available in English/French/Spanish)


Order form for 3”x 3” hangtags
(Available in English/French/Spanish)

Logo Labels

Order form for logo labels
(Logo labels are available as iron-on, pressure-sensitive sticker, or sew-on)

Frequently Asked Questions Flyer

Graphic of FAQs Flyer
Download FAQs flyer (PDF)

Overview of Testing Methodology

Download info flyer (PDF)

Quick Program Overview

Download Quick Overview (PDF)

8-Page Guide for Bedding

Guide to the Program Newsletter
Visit the Bedding Manufacturers page

8-Page Guide for Furniture

Visit the Furniture Manufacturers page


Visit our Videos Page for links, embeds, and downloads of our overview, FAQ, and consumer tips videos.

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