For Foam Producers

For Foam Producers

How to Certify a Foam

If you are a foam producer that is interested in certifying flexible polyurethane foam (either slabstock or molded), start by reading the appropriate Technical Guidelines pictured and downloadable on this page. The only difference in the criteria for certification of slabstock and molded foam is the sample size required for evaluation, and the packaging of the sample to be sent to the testing laboratories for analysis. Some molded foam producers may need to create a new mold to accommodate the proper sample size.

CertiPUR-US® certification is open to all manufacturers of slabstock or molded flexible polyurethane foam. Companies need to submit an application, lab test results, production line photographs, and affidavits and declarations on prohibited substances. Certain conditions and limitations apply. Information about fees is available at

Language Translations: A summary of the steps required to certify a foam is now available in Chinese, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish and Vietnamese at

Program Basics

Foam Families

Each CertiPUR-US® registration covers only a specific family of flexible polyurethane foam manufactured with the same raw materials. The categories are:

  • Biobased foams
  • Conventional foams
  • Conventional FR foams
  • High resilience foams
  • Molded foams
  • Super-soft (low density/low index) conventional foams – 25% IFD ≤ 15 lbs. (65 N) and density ≤ 1.5 lbs/ft3 (24 kg/m3)
  • Viscoelastic (memory) foams
  • Viscoelastic (memory) foams with gel
  • Branded foams (any of the categories above with an exclusive brand name)
  • Other foams, subject to approval by program administrators

Certification Process

From start to finish, the certification process takes about 60-90 days, including 21-30 days for analytical testing.

Once Foam is Certified

Once a foam producer has completed the certification process for a foam family, the company will be added to our directory, to our page of registered foam producers and to an individual webpage with your logo, website, contacts and proof-of-certification.


Certified foams must by re-certified every six months for the first year, and annually thereafter.

Random Verification

We conduct random virtual and on-site foam production plant checks of participating producers. Samples of certified foams are subjected to testing at independent laboratories to verify that they comply with CertiPUR-US® Technical Guidelines.

What Your Customers Need to Know

Your customers do not have permission to use the trademarked CertiPUR-US® logo or name until they have registered with us (it’s free). To register, your customer needs your company to submit Verification Form A on their behalf and they have to agree to the program rules outlined in the CertiPUR-US® Terms of Use Manual by submitting Form B.

Your customers are required to update their listings in our directory each year using Directory Listing Update Form C.

Approved Testing and Analysis Laboratories

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