About Certified Foam

About Certified Foam

A Health Checkup for Foam

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See our Technical Guidelines for details about criteria for certification

When you buy products containing certified foam, you can be confident that the flexible polyurethane foam inside meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

The Technical Guidelines provide complete details on the certification process and were established with guidance from the global foam industry and in conjunction with the leadership of the mattress and upholstered furniture industries. In addition, an advisory panel of scientists, academics, environmentalists and representatives of consumer groups provided invaluable input in the development process.

Certified foams are tested and analyzed twice in the first year, and recertified annually thereafter. In addition, certified foams are subject to random verification testing. CertiPUR-US program representatives make virtual and on-site visits to participating foam production plants to obtain samples of foam, which are then tested at the program’s expense to confirm compliance.

CertiPUR-US certified foam is:

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