Summer Fun: Put Kids in Charge of Bedroom Redo

Summer Fun: Put Kids in Charge of Bedroom Redo

It’s summer, and your kids are probably overjoyed to be done with school, wake up without an alarm clock and have fun. But whatever your plans to fill their summer, inevitably you’ll hear them complain that they have nothing to do.

A bedroom-redo summer project can empower and engage kids in so many ways. Here are some ideas that can be scaled up or down to fit any age:

  • Brainstorm. Do an internet search together of kids’ and teens’ bedrooms to get inspired and get started.
  • Declutter. A bedroom makeover is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize. A weekend yard sale can turn outgrown clothes, books and toys into cash while your kids gain event-planning, advertising and pricing skills. Donating gently used belongings can also be an important lesson in giving and parting with items that they no longer need but others can use.
  • Measure. Help your child make a floor plan using a tape measure and graph paper. Talk through what you can and can’t do based on the realities of space configuration and budget.
  • Paint. Visit the color-chip aisle at a local hardware or paint store to gather samples, then apply some brush strokes to the wall and see how they look. Fortunately, paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to redo if things go awry! If your child chooses a very dramatic color, painting just one wall is an option.
  • Update. It may be time to reflect their changing tastes and interests with posters and wall hangings. Goodbye, Mickey Mouse — hello, Taylor Swift! A corkboard wall can be an easy way to create a dramatic change.
  • Build. For older kids, with an adult’s help, the bedroom makeover can include learning new skills like building (bookshelves), sewing (window treatments) or stenciling (wall art).
  • Study. Take homework preferences into consideration. Your child may be ready for an updated, age-appropriate space that’s more conducive to the way they now study and do school assignments.
  • Improve sleep. If your child is 10 years old or older and has had the same bed since leaving a crib, enlist them in shopping for a new mattress. Growing bodies need good support, and your child will appreciate being part of the decision-making process. This is also a good time to buy fresh pillows and change color schemes with a new comforter and decorative cushions. Both of you can consult the CertiPUR-US® directory before buying a mattress or pillow to be sure the company uses foam that’s been certified to be made without chemicals of concern.
  • Play. If you have younger children, consider buying modular play furniture that they can configure into imaginative combinations. These innovative products can become forts, tents, sofas and places for a sleepover friend. Check the CertiPUR-US® directory of participating companies under the product category “Upholstered Furniture” and then “Play Furniture” to find places to buy.

By the time the new school year rolls around, your kids will have a newly renovated room to enjoy and show off to their friends, some new life skills and lasting memories of their productive summer project.

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