True Confessions

True Confessions

I’m embarrassed to say how old my mattress was. It’s a double-digit number, I’ll just admit that (and the first number is not a 1!). This from someone who knows better and has in fact spent decades touting the sleep and health benefits of sleeping on a quality mattress that is no more than eight to ten years old … and knowing in my heart of hearts it’s true. I know — so hypocritical!

Well, something extraordinary happened this past month. I got a new mattress.

This thing came in a box — a first for me! It took shape quickly and it looked beautiful.

I had been reluctant to say goodbye to my old mattress because we’d spent so much time together, but true confession: I have never slept better in my life than the past few weeks on this new mattress.

People who know me know I am not a very good sleeper. I am a night owl (yes, that’s me answering emails at midnight) and wake up intermittently (yes, that’s me answering emails at 4 a.m.). But now, I fall asleep faster and I don’t wake up during the night. It’s dangerous — if I lie down for even a few minutes, I am at serious risk of falling asleep. What is in this thing? Well, CertiPUR-US® certified flexible polyurethane foam, of course, but is there some other magic?

This new mattress is a life-changer. Aside from falling asleep faster and waking up less often overnight, I have lost my insomniacal fear of not sleeping well. I have confidence that I will be able to sleep. What’s more, I have been waking up more refreshed, and somehow that little ache in my lower back is gone.

The thing is — as I well know — this phenomenon that I am experiencing is not uncommon after getting a new mattress. A survey we conducted in 2019 of consumers who had purchased a mattress within the past twelve months found that nearly all (96%) said they were satisfied with the mattress they purchased. Now I know why. Your mattress really, truly does contribute to how good a night’s sleep you get.

And I just did something else that I advise others to do: I found a discreet place on the label of my new mattress to write the date of purchase so that I can keep track of how old it is — and when to start looking for a replacement!

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