Losing sleep over coming up with a creative idea for your kid’s Halloween costume? You might be tossing and turning on the solution. I just discovered Sherry Osborn’s oldie-but-goodie About Family Crafts blog post featuring 18 costumes you can make from a pillowcase. You’ll find photos and inspiration for pillowcase skeletons, pumpkins, candy corn, Star Wars’ R2D2 and ghosts, to name a few. Already have a costume picked out? Pillowcases make great door-to-door candy carriers for your trick-or-treaters.

Now for something really scary: When you take that pillowcase off your pillow, what do you see? Don’t scream, but do read the Huffington Post “Healthy Living” column “The Gross Truth about How Often You Should Clean (and Replace) Your Pillow.”

According to the article, written by health and fitness trainer Sarah Klein, there’s a “host of critters and debris that can be found in the pillow you lay your face on night after night,” including dust mites, which are in the spider family. Allergy experts recommend getting a protective pillow cover and washing it often. If these thoughts start haunting you, don’t wait until next Halloween to get a fresh, new pillow.

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