Man Caves and She Sheds

Man Caves and She Sheds

Man Caves and She Sheds

Will 2019 be the year you give in to the primal urge to create your Man or Woman Cave? It won’t be hard to find inspiration. When you Google “man caves,” there are endless photos and ideas for imaginative masculine spaces and how to furnish, theme, and decorate them. There’s even an organization that’s devoted to “spreading the word of the Man Cave as a way of life,” with an annual contest. 

The DIY Network has a whole show devoted to helping men design and build their own budget-friendly Man Caves. But rapidly gaining in popularity are Woman Caves, or “She Sheds,” where women can slip away from family and enjoy glorious alone or girlfriend time. 

Whether it’s a “do it yourself” project or a high-end design, the DIY Network’s Man Cave experts, Jason Cameron and Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, offer solid advice that applies to both men and women: first assess your space and desired function and visualize what you want your Cave to look like. 

If you have an object or collection of them –it might be a pool table, jukebox, sports memorabilia, or travel souvenirs; or space to house a sewing machine, meditation space, or fitness equipment – use that as your centerpiece and/or inspiration. Shop around for related items or artwork that fits your theme. 

Envision your perfect Man or Woman Cave. Is it a place to watch sports on a large-screen TV? “Tinker” on a hobby? Immerse yourself in a longstanding passion? Work out, practice your golf swing or dance moves, or perfect those drum solos? You may have compromised your own taste and style in other rooms of the house, but this is one place where you can let loose. There are a few basics, however, that most Caves seem to share:

6 Cave Essentials

  1. A recliner, armchair, or sofa you can sink into. Comfort is key. Be sure any new upholstered furniture contains certified foam ( that meets strict standards for content, emissions, and durability.  
  2. Large-screen TV. When you’re watching the Big Game or the Oscars, the minimum size is about 40 inches. For guidance on screen size, measure the distance between the TV and the sofa or chair you’ll be watching from. Many sites offer advice and they differ widely. Here’s one site that includes a handy chart. 
  3. Bar/wet bar with mini-fridge/kegerator. You’ll want a supply of your favorite beverages – whether it’s soda, beer or cosmos – and snacks within easy reach. Bar stools are like other seating – comfort is important. If you have a wine collection, add a temperature-controlled wine storage fridge.
  4. A good sound system. Full surround-sound will engage you and your guests fully in the game, movie, or music.
  5. Additional entertainment. Caves often include a dartboard, pool/ping-pong table, or card table that serves as an activity zone. 
  6. Proper lighting. Make sure the lighting works for all planned activities, which means task lighting for a pool, poker table, or sewing table; ambient lighting with dimmable lights for movie watching. 

To keep your space unified, come up with a design that is identifiably you. But this is the space to let your imagination run wild. In a Man or Woman Cave, the sky truly is the limit. Happy caving!

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