Counting Blessings and Chairs at Thanksgiving

Counting Blessings and Chairs at Thanksgiving

Counting Blessings and Chairs at Thanksgiving

Is Thanksgiving at your house? If so, you’ve already made a lot of decisions—like what to serve, what to serve it on, how to decorate your table and house, who to invite and how to seat them. On this most-American of holidays, you want your guests to feel welcome in your home as you share the bounty of food and spirit of gratitude.

How much thought have you given to what your family or friends will be sitting on during the meal? More than anything else, you want your seating to be comfortable because your guests will be sitting through several courses and second (or third) helpings. If you don’t have quite enough matching dining room chairs, don’t worry—a mix-and-match, eclectic assortment of chairs and benches is considered chic today. 

Consider adding comfortable, upholstered armchairs of a different style or color at the ends of the table. 

I’ve recently seen sofas being used for seating on one side of a dining room table, or even as an L-shape to create a booth-like feeling. This approach can add space to a room by allowing you to place the table off-center and deeper into a corner. Experiment to create a relaxed look that’s all your own.

I love mixing contrasting styles and frameworks—like wicker and wood, or antiques with modern leather—and using tricks such as color and similar lines to make a room feel harmonious and cohesive. Repeating neutral colors and/or patterns in cushions and accents can help pull everything together. If you like it, chances are your guests will feel right at home at your table.

Just as the stuffing is as important as the turkey, also make sure any upholstery or cushions you bring into your home contain CertiPUR-US® certified foam. That means your furniture’s “stuffing” meets the nonprofit’s rigorous standards for content, emissions and durability.

Here’s to a wonderful Thanksgiving (or “Friendsgiving”) feast! May you reap all the blessings of this holiday season. 

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