My Life on a Sofa

My Life on a Sofa

Life on a Sofa

Life on a SofaFamily photo albums tell many stories—what clothes you wore in various decades, the hairstyle mistakes that now make you cringe—but often it’s the furniture that reminds us of the where and when.

Going through old pictures recently with my adult daughter, I was struck not only by the wonderful family faces, but also by the backdrop, in particular our sofas over the years. Those sofas bore witness to many changes as my children grew and treasured pets came in and out of our lives.

Sofas might be the most loved and abused pieces of furniture in our homes: spilled on by babies, toddlers and careless adults; clawed by cats and gnawed by dogs; flopped on casually by rowdy teenagers. Our couches see our kids through countless sick days and cradle us through life’s highs and lows.

The only photo I can find of me pregnant with my first child is on a stylish linen sofa (purchased with the help of an interior designer family friend) in our first house. Not so stylish is the wild floral thing my three girls are sitting on while mugging for the camera. How did I ever think that sofa was beautiful? Maybe I never did. I know my main consideration in selecting the busy print was to mask spills! It’s interesting to reflect how styles change along with various stages of our lives.

Now that I know about the importance of indoor air quality, I would never bring into my home any upholstered furniture or mattress that did not contain certified foam. From the sheer quantity of calls we receive at CertiPUR-US® offices each day, I know I’m not alone. It gives me one less thing to worry about as I recline on that white sofa with a glass of red wine.

The next time you look at your life in pictures, see if you can put your upholstered pieces in chronological order!

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