Hibernate at Home

Hibernating, or cocooning as we used to call it, may seem to be self-indulgent and luxurious, but there are sound reasons to listen to our bodies and give in to it. Winter is an intrinsic part of nature’s cycle, designed to restore us and prepare us for the renewal of spring. Rather than fighting the urge to be lazy, it’s healthier to go with the flow. We’re much better off viewing winter as a gift -- a chance to lounge around in an inside environment that feels safe, comfortable, and nurturing. How do we make our home interiors winter-ready? A cushion-y sofa and, soft and cozy chairs that invite us to sink in and never leave are a good start. Complete your lair with plush pillows, throw blankets, warm and muted colors, lamps and candles (flameless for safety) that create soft lighting for the extra hours of darkness this season brings. For more ideas, check out this article on hibernating from House and Home. If you’re investing in new upholstered furniture, remember that indoor air quality matters – and never more so than in the winter, when our homes are sealed tight against the cold. Be sure that any [...]

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Put Your Feet Up

The trend and health benefits of stand-up desks aside, putting your feet up is good for you. After a long day, have you ever been so tired that your inner voice said, “I’ve just got to put my feet up!”? That’s your body being wise. This point was driven home to me recently when my 93-year-old dad, who isn’t nearly as active as he used to be, remarked that his lower legs were swelling. I suggested he try putting his legs up when sitting on a chair or sofa. It worked! Within 48 hours, his legs were completely back to normal. Vein specialists confirm that elevating your legs is beneficial for those of us who spend hours a day sitting—or even standing—at a computer.  I’m also a big believer in cat naps, but if you’re too busy for a nap, taking just five minutes to put your feet up can be wonderfully restorative.  Ideally, you should lie in a position on your sofa or bed that elevates your legs above your head and heart. A stack of pillows or cushions can provide the necessary height and support under your feet. Experts stress not to elevate your legs on a [...]

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Man Caves and She Sheds

Will 2019 be the year you give in to the primal urge to create your Man or Woman Cave? It won’t be hard to find inspiration. When you Google “man caves,” there are endless photos and ideas for imaginative masculine spaces and how to furnish, theme, and decorate them. There’s even an organization that’s devoted to “spreading the word of the Man Cave as a way of life,” with an annual contest.  The DIY Network has a whole show devoted to helping men design and build their own budget-friendly Man Caves. But rapidly gaining in popularity are Woman Caves, or “She Sheds,” where women can slip away from family and enjoy glorious alone or girlfriend time.  Whether it’s a “do it yourself” project or a high-end design, the DIY Network’s Man Cave experts, Jason Cameron and Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, offer solid advice that applies to both men and women: first assess your space and desired function and visualize what you want your Cave to look like.  If you have an object or collection of them –it might be a pool table, jukebox, sports memorabilia, or travel souvenirs; or space to house a sewing machine, meditation space, or fitness equipment [...]

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Three Cheers for Customer Service

It’s easy for a furniture store sales rep to be customer service-oriented when you’re buying a sleeper sofa, but the real test is when that sale goes south. Here’s what happened this week when I was shopping for a sleep sofa in preparation for lots of family—and all bedrooms taken—for an upcoming baby shower for one of my daughters. Of course, I was only going to purchase a sleeper sofa that had a mattress that was comfortable—and I was sure contained CertiPUR-US® certified foam. I drove to the showroom of one of our listed companies and found a sofa that I just loved the style of—and the mattress met my requirements. However, it wasn’t available in quite the right color. Because it could be delivered within a few days, I decided to forgo my color preference and told the super-nice sales associate to ring it up! With all my paperwork and receipts in hand, I left the store, which was in a strip shopping center. Lo and behold, as I walked to my car, I noticed there was another furniture store in the same shopping center! Oh, dear. Should I even look? I did. And there was a sleeper sofa—also [...]

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My Life on a Sofa

Family photo albums tell many stories—what clothes you wore in various decades, the hairstyle mistakes that now make you cringe—but often it’s the furniture that reminds us of the where and when. Going through old pictures recently with my adult daughter, I was struck not only by the wonderful family faces, but also by the backdrop, in particular our sofas over the years. Those sofas bore witness to many changes as my children grew and treasured pets came in and out of our lives. Sofas might be the most loved and abused pieces of furniture in our homes: spilled on by babies, toddlers and careless adults; clawed by cats and gnawed by dogs; flopped on casually by rowdy teenagers. Our couches see our kids through countless sick days and cradle us through life’s highs and lows. The only photo I can find of me pregnant with my first child is on a stylish linen sofa (purchased with the help of an interior designer family friend) in our first house. Not so stylish is the wild floral thing my three girls are sitting on while mugging for the camera. How did I ever think that sofa was beautiful? Maybe I never [...]

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