It is unlikely we will ever forget the year 2020 – and its reverberating effects will carry us well into 2021. Many are facing serious financial repercussions – others the heartbreaking loss of loved ones. For those fortunate enough to ride this out by hunkering down, homes have become the hub of all family activity – often including school and work – and a sanctuary to buffer us from an uncertain world. This pivotal year has transformed how we view our living spaces, according to home furnishings and décor experts. Here are a few home décor trends they are forecasting for 2021:

  1. Spaces do double-duty. We will continue to need multifunctional spaces that fulfill a variety of purposes. There is an increased focus on creating spaces (nooks!) designed for both relaxation and productivity, without sacrificing aesthetics.
  2. Comfort reigns. We’re gravitating toward furnishings that evoke comfort and livability, according to Modsy’s annual trend report on This means overstuffed furniture with softer curves; and textural, grainy, reclaimed woods. 
  3. Old feels new. is seeing a resurgence in antiques and repurposed, salvaged, and retro pieces that can be found in flea markets and antique stores. Modern, ‘80s décor also is enjoying a comeback, as is mixing one-of-a-kind items with more traditional furnishings.
  4. Indoor air quality matters. There’s an increased concern about what’s inside the furnishings and products we bring into our homes. More people are paying attention to home furnishing certifications like CertiPUR-US® certified foam for bedding and upholstered furniture and Oeko-Tex® for textile and leather products.
  5. Light feels right. To balance the weightiness of 2020, we are choosing light-toned Scandinavian design, and rustic, white-washed finishes, says Uncluttered, clean-lined, minimalist furnishings provide a sense of order. HGTV Canada also observes that heavier window treatments are being replaced by semi-opaques that let in natural light.
  6. Creating staycations. No beach? No problem – home furnishings and décor can mentally transport us to dreamy, distant shores. reports a surge in rattan and wicker, Hawaiian-inspired tropical prints, and sea-hued blues and greens.
  7. Investing in better sleep. Mattress sales are soaring during the pandemic, according to USA Today, as are pillows and adjustable beds which allow you to work in bed more comfortably. A new mattress can help us get a better night’s sleep which can be an antidote for anxiety.
  8. Embracing our wild side. With travel plans deferred, we can go on safari at home, with what calls “global influence” décor. Wildlife prints and artwork harmonize perfectly with earthy colors and rustic woods.
  9. Color palettes are warming up. 2021’s colors are earth-toned and autumnal, like sage greens, wine reds, rusts, golden yellows, and rich browns. “Taking influence from nature, nostalgia, and the desire for a tropical getaway, living spaces will reflect the current situation we are faced with, embracing calming color palettes and familiar patterns that create a sanctuary in any home,” says
  10. Bringing the outdoors inside. Indoor plants are enjoying a comeback, according to HGTV Canada. Like cooking, gardening helps us rediscover simple pleasures – and we are using our newfound downtime to nurture a green thumb.

Wishing you all a healthy new year!

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