Small Nook, Big Rewards

Small Nook, Big Rewards

Small Nook, Big Rewards

Do you have a favorite cozy spot in your home?

To relax properly, it helps to have a space all to yourself — a private escape. That can be a challenge! But taking a few minutes to discover the right spot in your house and then adding comfortable furniture and a few accessories can turn an under-utilized area of your home into the perfect, re-purposed corner.

Where can you create your own mini getaway? Try these ideas: under stairs, within a closet, on a stair landing, an entrance way, in an attic, where there is (or could be) a window seat, an empty corner, alcove, or at the end of a hallway.

A friend of mine created an oasis with a small leather chair in a corner of her home office where stacks of unread magazines and a floor lamp were collecting dust. She added a mini area rug, cozy throw and pillows — which she switches out each season — to make a favorite spot for stepping away from the computer.

It doesn’t have to be a large area or cost a lot of money. Use your creativity: An apartment-sized upholstered chair (made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam, of course!) can be placed in the corner of your bedroom to be designated as the place you catch your breath or catch up on personal phone calls. Or put an accent chair near a corner bookcase or magazine stand where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

The right furniture and a few accessories are key. Family photos, souvenirs from vacations or a favorite objet d’art make it personal. Home decor magazines, and Pinterest are bursting with ways to decorate easily and on a budget, like these ideas on how to create a cozy nook out of an untapped space in your home.

Just a few minutes spent in your room-within-a-room can boost your energy and refresh your day.

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