Top 15 Sleep Trends for 2019

What’s in, what’s out when it comes to sleep trends for 2019? For the new year, here’s a fun, completely unscientific list of 15 sleep-related trends: Out  In 1. Bragging about how little sleep you need Bragging about how much sleep you get 2. Old mattresses New mattresses 3. Comforters Weighted, anti-anxiety, gravity blankets 4. PJs as sleepwear PJs as streetwear 5. Goodnight Moon Goodnight (fill in your favorite city) 6. Sleep masks Room darkening shades 7. Twin beds for kids Full beds for kids 8. Mystery foam CertiPUR-US® certified foam 9. Slippers Slipper socks 10. Sleep sacks for post-swaddle toddlers Zipadee-zips for post-swaddle toddlers 11. Dogs on your sofa Dog beds 12. Snoring  Sleep apnea treatment 13. Wearable sleep trackers Nightstand sleep trackers 14. Sound machines to aid sleep Mind games to aid sleep 15. Discarding mattresses in landfills Recycling mattresses

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Getting Rid of an Old Mattress 

How do you get rid of your used mattress? We’ve all seen decaying old mattresses on the side of the road, or thrown down a ravine, or into a creek. Not good! Although landfills are a better choice, dumping fees are often imposed, and, from an environmental standpoint, this isn’t the optimal choice. About 50,000 used mattresses and box springs are carted off daily (yes, daily!) to U.S. landfills, where they can take more than a decade to decompose. It’s also not a good idea to pass along an old mattress to others, particularly children. Hat’s off to the bedding industry and its trade association, the International Sleep Products Association(ISPA), which has worked diligently to find solutions to this problem for decades. Today, its Mattress Recycling Council works closely with local governments, waste management professionals, recyclers, and others to make sure that mattress recycling is accessible and easy to use. Currently, three states have implemented MRC’s Bye Bye Mattress Program – California, Connecticut and Rhode Island – and more than 3 million mattresses have been recycled, diverting more than 25,000 tons of material from landfills. More than 80 percent of the metal, foam, and textiles that comprise your mattress [...]

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