Pet Beds and the Dog Days of Summer

I no longer have dogs, but I still have pet beds for my three grand-dogs — two Salukis and a Boxer — who visit often. Dogs like a place of comfort and refuge. That’s why crate training works so well for pups and why pet beds are so important for dogs of all ages. Dogs spend about 12 to 14 hours a day snoozing, and most welcome the warmth, comfort, security and support of a dog bed over a hard floor. Some say a dog bed can even prolong the life of your beloved pet by cushioning joints. A pet bed can be a training tool, too. Asking your dog to go to their “place” is not a punishment but rather a request to kindly relocate during family dinner or when it’s best that dogs are not underfoot. When you travel with your dog, bringing along a pet bed provides a sense of familiarity, making the dog less anxious and more likely to settle down. My grand-dogs sleep with their human parents at home — but not at Grandma’s! Moving their dog beds near my bed at night helps drive home that point. Yes, they put their chins on [...]