Moving This Summer? Ten Steps to Lessen Stress

Millions of Americans are on the move this summer. If you’re among those taking that big leap to a new home, you can minimize moving-day chaos by organizing everything ahead of time and breaking it down into a series of manageable steps. Here is your 10-step game plan to help the experience go smoothly:Map it out. Plan your new layout on paper so that you know that everything fits and where it will go. Get all the measurements of your new home, including placement of doors, windows, staircases and electrical outlets. If your furniture won’t all fit, label what goes and what stays. Give your future floor plan to your movers so they can see what goes where on moving day.Label, label, label. Label every box with all contents and identify the room the box belongs in. Color coding can help immensely after moving day: red-marked boxes in dining room, green in living room, etc.Find a reliable moving company. Moving heavy furniture is exhausting, and accidents can occur that can harm people and belongings. Reputable, professional movers can save you a ton of aggravation, but if that isn’t in your budget, enlist plenty of strong, capable helpers and make sure [...]

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Moving? Five Ways Not to Lose Sleep Over It

Planning a move? If so, you’re in good company—nearly 26 million Americans will relocate this summer, often prompted by a school break, a wedding or the prospect of fair weather (or at least no ice and snow). That doesn’t change the reality that moving is one of life’s biggest stressors. Along with the emotional turmoil of saying goodbye to friends, we are disrupting our routines and dealing with countless logistical details. However, you needn’t lose sleep over changing households. Instead, seize the opportunity to sleep better. Moving is an ideal time to rethink what you are sleeping on and make sure it is helping you get those much-needed zzzzzs. Here are five ways to make this part of your transition go smoothly: If you are taking mattresses with you, encase them in plastic to protect them during transport. Most truck rental companies like U-Haul keep protectors in stock for all mattress sizes. Starting fresh? If your mattress is more than seven years old, it’s probably time to replace it. Dispose of your old mattress properly. Find tips from the Better Sleep Council here. When mattress shopping, wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can easily slip off and don’t be [...]

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