Sizing Up Mattress Sizes Will Surprise You

If buying a new mattress is on your to-do list, you may already know there are plenty of types of mattresses with different “feels” available, but did you realize that you also can get just about any size and shape imaginable? I’ve been involved with the home furnishings industry for decades, but these innovative sizes now on the market surprised me — and even some bedding experts I talked with recently. You’ve no doubt heard of a California King, which is little narrower and longer (72″ x 84″) than a traditional King (76″ x 80″) mattress, but move over, California — other states are wrangling for the throne. Today, there are Wyoming-, Alaska-, and Texas-sized mattresses, so named for their wide-open spaces. At 108″ x 108″, a Texas-size mattress is the width of two Double beds — roomy enough for two adults and a couple of Saint Bernards. Download our mattress size chart to see dimensions. Are you looking for a good night’s sleep somewhere more unconventional than your bedroom? There’s a specialty mattress industry that makes mattresses for just about any vehicle or space you have in mind, including a pop-up camper, 18-wheeler, or sailboat. Cowpokes and equestrians [...]