The Soft vs. Firm Mattress Debate: Finding Peace in the Split

May is Better Sleep Month — a good time to revisit the age-old soft vs. firm mattress dilemma. According to the Better Sleep Council, fifty-one percent of Americans said they prefer a “firm or very firm” mattress while 49 percent like their mattress “soft or very soft.” This means the average couple has about a 50-50 chance of agreeing on mattress preference. When we talk about firm vs. soft, we are really talking about the top layer’s feel of the bed, not the actual support level. Wherever we may fall on the firm/soft preference spectrum, our goal should be a mattress that allows our spine to maintain its natural curve and aligns with our hips, neck and head without any painful pressure points. Where do you fit in? Firm mattress lovers: Sleep experts say you are likely to be a back or stomach sleeper with an average-to-heavy body type. You prefer a flat, even surface and the spinal support it provides. You may struggle with back pain when you sleep on soft mattresses. Soft mattress lovers: You’re probably a side sleeper with a light frame. You like to sink into extra cushioning because a firm mattress creates uncomfortable pressure [...]