Practical Advice on Choosing a Dog Bed

Dogs spend about 12–14 hours a day snoozing, and most welcome the warmth, comfort, security and support of a dog bed over a hard floor. Some say a dog bed can even prolong the life of your beloved pet by cushioning joints.  I’m a big believer in proper crate training to housebreak puppies, but post-crate training, dog beds provide a place to feel safe and to relax during the day. This is true even if they share your bed at night—which is not always a good idea for light sleepers or those with allergies—or as a second-best place to sleep if your bed is off limits. When you travel with your dog, bringing along their bed provides a sense of familiarity, making them less anxious and more likely to settle down. My daughter’s two dogs are trained to retreat to their beds when she says “place.” The command is not meant or seen as a punishment, just a request to kindly relocate during family dinner or when it's best that dogs are not underfoot. What shape, size, design and other features of your dog’s bed you choose depends on several factors. Here are a few guidelines:  Size and fit. [...]