Spring Cleaning Your Mattress: Easier Than You Think

When is the last time you cleaned your mattress? Never, right? You’re not alone! Spring is a good time to start making this an annual tradition. Cleaning a mattress is actually simple, says Kristi Kellogg and Miranda Silva, whose tips appeared in a recent issue of Architectural Digest. You won’t need special products or equipment — just a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment; some cleaning cloths; an enzyme stain remover you can make yourself or buy at most grocery, home improvement or hardware stores; laundry soap; baking soda; and cold water. Here is a breakdown of the steps: Strip the bed. Wash all bedding, pillows and mattress covers (provided the label says they are removable and washable) in warm water.  Do not remove the mattress covering. Even if the mattress cover material has a zipper, this is typically not meant to be removed and can create serious problems if the covering uses fiberglass to meet national mattress flammability standards.  Vacuum the entire surface of the mattress. The upholstery attachment will help you get into the seams. Spot-clean any stains. You can use store-bought enzyme stain remover or make your own using a little dish soap mixed with water [...]