Santa’s got his list, and here at CertiPUR-US®, we have a list that matters, too.

It’s a list of the companies and brands consumers can count on that use CertiPUR-US® certified foam.

The most common question we get from consumers day in and day out, goes something like this: “I’m about to buy an [XYZ mattress or XYZ sofa or chair] and their website (or salesperson) says they use certified foam, but I don’t see them on your list.”

So, here’s the thing: If they aren’t on our list, they are either being naughty or misleading.

When we established CertiPUR-US, we anticipated that there would be companies that would say their foam was certified when it wasn’t. So, we built in a safeguard—because our whole operation is based on consumer service, integrity and transparency. The safeguard was that we would keep an up-to-date list of the companies and brands that had registered with us and for whom we had verification that they were truly using CertiPUR-US certified foam in their mattresses, pillows, bedding accessories and upholstered furniture. We have registered companies using certified foam in dog beds and medical sleep-related products, too.

Most unlisted companies are just naughty. They often are using certified foam, but they just didn’t realize they have to be registered with us and go through our verification process to get listed on our website. It’s free, so there’s no reason not to be listed. If the company is not listed, don’t assume they are using certified foam.

We’re a nonprofit, and the only way we get revenue is from the fees paid by the roughly 50 foam producers in the world (not just the U.S.) that certify the foam they manufacture—a rigorous process that involves annual re-certifications, random spot checks to ensure ongoing compliance, and foam testing by independent, accredited laboratories for content and emissions. Many foams fail our rigorous standards.

But, some companies that aren’t listed in our online consumer directory, may not be using certified foam. They misuse our logo and mislead their customers about using certified foam. When we learn about these companies, we send them more than just coal. Our compliance team works hard to track these companies down, but, especially with e-tailers, it’s often difficult to do.

We really appreciate the folks that write to tell us about a company using our name or logo that isn’t listed. They write to us using the Report Misuse form on our website.

That’s why we have The List—our online consumer directory of companies and brands that are registered with us and that we can vouch for. Check it out before you buy:

Happy holidays, all!

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