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To be correctly listed and categorized in the all-new spring 2022 directory, update listings here.

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Companies that did not submit Directory Listing Update Form C to update their listings by April 30, 2022, may not be included in the new interactive online directory to be published late spring 2022, and permission to use the CertiPUR-US® name/logo/mark may be rescinded. If we have recent confirmation of participation from your foam supplier, your company will have a basic listing in the new directory with a disclaimer that the information is not updated.

In addition, without your 2022 Form C in our system, consumers will not be able to search for your company by product category or geographic location. Form C is accepted on a rolling basis. If you submit Form C, your listing will be processed and updated. Listings are free for participating companies.

(Exceptions: If you registered after October 29, 2021, or have already submitted your Form C, you’re all set!)