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Elisabeth Leamy is a 13-time Emmy winner and 25-year consumer advocate for programs such as Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show.

Bedroom Makeover: 10 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

According to a nationwide survey from the Better Sleep Council, one out of every four Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of their sleep. Fortunately, there are key things you can do to set yourself up for success. Experts call it good “sleep hygiene.” We call it a bedroom makeover! If you’re dreaming of a better night’s sleep, here are ten tips that could help. Mattress. The Better Sleep Council suggests evaluating your mattress for comfort and support every seven years to make sure you have the best possible chance at a good night’s rest. Their experts advise that it’s probably time for a new mattress if you wake up with stiffness or pain, if your mattress shows signs of wear and tear, or if you find you sleep better on a hotel mattress or in a friend’s guest room. Foam. Another consideration, look for a mattress made from foam certified by CertiPUR-US. That’s a nonprofit program that uses independent, accredited testing to make sure the polyurethane foam in mattresses (as well as pillows and bedding accessories) is made without chemicals of concern like formaldehyde and Tris flame retardants. If your mattress was made before 2010, it’s unlikely the [...]

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Sheltering in Place? Here’s a Worthy Home Health and Safety Project

Thanks to Covid-19, we are all spending more time at home and more time cleaning. Once you've got your  anti-virus protocols in place, since you're already focused on healthy and safety, why not look at other ways you can protect yourself and your family? To that end, I'd like to introduce the concept of "replacement cycles." These are the predictable lengths of time that you can expect household products to last before they lose their effectiveness or deteriorate. Between waking up and going to bed, we engage in many routines for our personal hygiene, beauty and fitness, as well as household cooking and cleaning —all with the best of intentions.  However, many items we use carry hidden dangers if we don’t swap them out soon enough.  Here’s a room-by-room guide: Whole-House: Smoke Detector Batteries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends changing your smoke detector batteries twice a year, at the same time you change your clocks.  Of course, in the interim, if your smoke detector chirps at you to let you know the battery is dying, you’ll need to replace it before then.  This is so critical.  The CPSC says two thirds of residential fire deaths take [...]

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5 Ways Adults Can Achieve A Safer Night’s Sleep

There’s a lot of information available about safe sleep for babies—which is so important—but what about safe sleep for the rest of us? After all, when you’re asleep, it’s a potentially vulnerable time. But it turns out there are concrete steps we can take to sleep more safely—and that can help us sleep more soundly. 1. Sleep with your bedroom door closed Sleeping with your bedroom door closed buys you critical time in the event of a fire. Whether from candles, clothes dryers, faulty wiring or countless other causes, many fires start at night while people are sleeping. It’s sobering to know that you are more likely to die in a fire at home, than anywhere else, according to FEMA. Decades ago, you had 17 minutes to get out of your house alive. Today, because of open floor plans and other factors that make residential fires burn faster, you have 3 minutes or less, according to extensive testing by Underwriters Labs. Fortunately, closing your bedroom door each night is a simple, yet little-known measure that can save your life. A regular wooden door is remarkably effective at keeping the heat, smoke and flames at bay, giving you extra time [...]

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